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Funkify your life!

they'd all ask for you

21 August
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12-strings, allman brothers, american beauty, amps, aphorisms, arpeggios, banjo, bela fleck, bill nershi, billy bragg, black sabbath, bluegrass, bob dylan, bob saget, bob weir, bright eyes, brit-pop, buddy guy, carrie nations, classic rock, coheed and cambria, coldplay, college basketball, confederacy of dunces, crazy in alabama, creedence clearwater revival, cricket, david bowie, david gilmour, david grisman, dcfb, derek trucks, do the right thing, dogs, driving, drums, duane allman, ecologists, elliot smith, eric clapton, eureka street, field hockey, flogging molly, foosball, free taylor, funk, george clinton, gov't mule, grateful dead, greatest hits, gregg allman, guitar, hardcore, hippies, indie, inside in, jack johnson, jack white, jam, jawbreaker, jerry garcia, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, joe satriani, john mayer, jon fishman, junta, jupiter coyote, keane, keller williams, keller williams incident, kodan armada, lacrosse, lawn boy, les pauls, magazines, mandolin, meltdown, micheal hedges, mike gordon, mmw, modest mouse, moe., money, mp3s, music, my dog, neil young, neutral milk hotel, newsweek, oasis, op:cc, organ, page mcconell, phil lesh, phish, pink floyd, planes mistaken for stars, punk, queen, reading, roger waters, roundabout, run like an antelope, santana, seinfeld, sex pistols, shred, simmons, sitar, skate vids, skateboarding, sleeping, sleeping more, smelling colors, solos, soulseek, soup, steel, stevie ray vaughan, string cheese incident, string-skipping, surfing, taking back sunday, the clash, the dead, the doors, the grateful dead movie, the hives, the strokes, the who, tom marshall, trey anastasio, umphrey's mcgee, undermind, warren haynes, washtub basses, weekapaug groove, white stripes, widespread panic, women, woodstock, worship, yes