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October 26th, 2006

01:32 am - for serious

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October 7th, 2006

04:57 pm - virginia
trip to virginiaCollapse )

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August 28th, 2006

05:37 pm - lifestyle
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new camera

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June 23rd, 2006

12:10 pm
I've got to say, Mr. Chan Marshall has a nice ring to it.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i've discovered the joys of n64 lately, good stuff. I've played about 5 hours of Mario Kart, Wave Race, and Goldeneye lately. If anyone would like to donate an n64 system/ console (I'm borrowing one) I would pay you for it. Also, controllers/games would be nice too.
Current Music: Dreams- Allman Brothers Band

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June 20th, 2006

04:53 pm - dark star crashing
last.fm is pretty great

most recent listened to

top artists, click the thing

im reading this book called "Body piercing saved my life: A look into the phenomenom of Christian Rock." It's pretty interesting and non-biased. David Bazan from Pedro the Lion comes out like a pretty suave open-minded Christian, and a cool guy too.

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May 23rd, 2006

04:36 pm - free your mind and your ass will follow
Summertime, ah yes thy sweet fruits of boredom.

I managed to run into at least 15 teachers out of school, including but not limited to the male population of the math department, the english department, and the GBMS ESE department. oh joy.

I sit typing this with George Clinton watching me, thanks to my brother who kind of permanently loaned me a sweet poster of George with lightning bolts shooting out of his pupils. Yep, Dr. Funkenstein himself.

I transferred into SGA for next year and am somewhat scared/excited about the experience. Not the actual SGA part like duties and such (psh), but I do suppose it's going to be the surpreme ideal of Me being the only person present in that class with male reproductive organs. Thats right, its going to be somewhere in the general ballpark of 20 ladies and a singular male: myself. The trepidation comes not from anxiety around the other gender, after all i am indeed a zydeco playboy, nor getting killed, nor getting makeup put on me, or anyother such typical female to male torture, but in fact, setting a good male standard, which is quite a lost cause considering the high standard of male suck set forth in the GBHS establisment.

I adore Youtube.com. I really do. If given the entire day and the only thing i could do was watch videos on the site, I would most likely be quite content. From things like Denny Blaze, to atrocious covers of the Final Countdown, and great concert footage. I honestly wonder what could possess a person to post some of these bizarre items, if their line of judgment is really that skew from humor to awfulness.
This is quite cheeky yet great

I'm beginning to complete despise iTunes.. it's not particularly user friendly nor does it offer any great technological serivce. Everytime i put the blasted thing on shuffle, it pretty much plays the same songs over and over, I don't have 5,000 songs to listen to Run like an Antelope 4x in a row. (no matter how good of an antelope it is). Also, it can't simply delete files quickly or efficiently.

One of my goals in the free time I had since I didn't need to take my exams was to beat Super Mario World for SNES using an emulator called Zsnes. I managed to get very far and on friday managed to get all the way to bowser. At this point, I was tired and simply saved my game and walked away. I fired up the game to find my save gone. I'm frustrated that I just spent 10 hours playing a game for it to just vanish. I'm lame, I know.

I enjoyed the Shining a good bit. It was the first viewing of the film for me, and I was surprised at the quality. I typically don't enjoy Stephen King stuff, but the plot was pretty intriguing. I also thought Kubrick's camerawork and overall directing were brilliant. I had already seen Dr. Strangelove (alright) and 2001: A Space odyssey (really pretentious and boring)

The Da Vinci Code was lackluster. I enjoyed Tom Hanks for the pure Tom Hanks cheese but besides that it wasnt very interesting. Mind you though, that I'd already read the book. The book and the movie are very much the same and so twists and turns weren't very new. But if you're too lazy to read the book, I'd give it a chance.
Current Music: Grateful Dead- When I Paint My Masterpiece

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May 20th, 2006

10:54 pm - gas, brake, swerve, swangi, hyphy
youtube has been graced with my presence

Current Location: Tell me when to go- E-40

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May 10th, 2006

08:37 pm - everytime i comb my hair, bits of you fall in my eyes

prince definitely rules



both of those truly are terrific.
carry on.
Current Music: Prince

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March 5th, 2006

10:21 am - Derek Trucks Band- Songlines

Derek Trucks is the nephew of founding Allman Brother Butch Trucks and plays in the Allman Brothers Band, Project Z, Frogwings, and will soon be touring Europe in Eric Clapton's band. He is a master of the slide guitar, and began playing slide because it was easier when his hands were smaller when he was young. Without the slide he can rip as well. Yeah he's good. And he's only 26.

This is the DTB's 5th record i want to say. I'm pretty sure that's right.

1.Volunteered Slavery
The records opens up with some tambourine and what sounds like djembe. Then Derek slips in some fine slide licks and the record truly begins. The lyrics consist of a chant of Volunteered Slavery. This song is short and for good reason as it gets a smidge repetetive, but I consider it a nice preview for the quality to come.

2.I'll Find my Way
A funky blues number this song opens up with little guitar, mainly just bass, organ and drums. The vocals come in with a raspy tone. The chorus comes in with a swoop with still little guitar, but is a strong chorus. The song's strong backbeat carries on into the next verse. There's an organ breakdown after the next chorus and after this comes in Derek playing without slide showing his versatality. The main weakness of this song is the chorus, to me it just doesn't jive with the relaxed tone of the rest of the song.

3. Crow Jane
Derek finally starts to show his skill at this point in the record. The song opens with a great signature Derek lick: short, concise but tasteful. This song is nice 8-bar grooving blues. Derek takes multiple excellent solos throughout the tune. The vocals here are a tad irritating to my ear but the guitar makes up for it in the end.

4.Sahib Teri Bandi - Maki Madni; Sahib Teri Bandi\ Maki Madni
This song really isn't for casual listeners and shows Derek's penchant for drawing in his diverse influences. This song is very tribal with a distinct African tone throughout. Flute solos and African drumming make the song really unique. Derek lets loose a couple of times around the progression a couple of times as well. Towards the end of 9-minute number it heads toward a nice driving climax lead by Derek's slide. Overall, a solid tune.

5. Chevrolet
Starts out with Derek playing some delta blues with a twinge of Muddy Waters/Robert Johnson influence. The djembe comes in along with the raspy vocals. This song clocks in a little bit below 2 and half minutes. A nice shuffle groove comes in at the end that hooks the listener to the ending.

6. Sailing On
The song opens up beat but later relaxes to a dub-like beat. Derek plays the melody and one instantly recognizes the melody. It's Silver Bells! The words Silver Bells and Sailing are pretty interchangeable and instantly recognizable. The reggae beat propels this tune with some nice relaxed beats in the background. After the chorus the upbeat comes back and then drifts back into the melody.

Yeah i'm gonna stop there for now.
To be continued....i hope

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February 4th, 2006

12:13 am - Dont call it a comeback.
I dont really apologize for a lack of updates. Wohoo
I just went through and made 65% of my old, stupid, annoying posts private so as to prevent your eyes from bleeding due to incessant stupidity. In these posts, I discovered that for something like 8 months I have complained about simmons making me shirts, what a bum.

I really am gonna start trying to write actual CD reviews, with this huge amount of free time, that I have been wasting playing miniputt. (high score: 21, scary? i know)
CDs ive listened to a lot lately: David Crowder Band- Illuminate, A Collision , Stevie Wonder- Songs in the Key of Life, Godspeed & Sigur Ros, Talking Heads- Stop Making Sense, Dave Matthews- Live at Luther College, Death Cab- all of it, John Mayer Trio- Try!, yeah other stuff too, i guess.

Ah yes, the entire Livejournal community missed out on my obsession with George Clinton/Parliament/Funkadelic/P-funk. George Clinton is still the man, i have like 8 P-funk cds now.

I commend Vh1 for resurrecting themselves out of the deep hole of suck, that they themselves at dipped into in recent months. How did they redeem themselves? The Flavor of Love! An ingenious idea, brilliantly carried out. Yes, let's have multiple "interesting" "ladies" compete for Flavor Flav's love interest. And, of course, let's have several sexy challenges on the way. A true moneymaker, was that idea.

I've read recently White Noise by Don Delillo. It was kind of a letdown after high recommendations from some pretty intelligent people. Perhaps I'll enjoy it more at a later juncture in life, as it seemed much of the books symbolism and impact sailed directly over my head. I read a book by Rock Scully, a former manager of the Grateful Dead, hence the book was about the Dead. That book was really excellent. The book retained a lot of the actual nitty gritty GD feel. He dug in deep with every single aspect of the band, even the hardest drugs and struggles. At times, it was fairly humorous as well, especially in the beginning which has several hilarious tales of experiences while on Acid, LSD and such. I also completed Searching for the Sound by Grateful Dead bass player Phil Lesh. It was supremely written, and was a delightful read. His tone seemed geniune and heartfelt, and makes you root for him the entire book.

I am returning to Duke TIP this summer Term II which is from july 9-29. I really can't wait, I'm very interested in the Class im taking. Bach to Rock is a study of 20th century music, I don't know, I guess it's sort of kinda maybe kind of up my alley.

www.pandora.com That website is so much entertainment to cruise. It's a type of musical thesaurus/dictionary. Say i put in Phish, Pandora spits out blah blah blah bands, and plays a song similar to stuff Phish does, and you can customize your favorite songs and such. It's an intriguing way to blow a couple of hours expanding your mind.

I find the MTV show Made miserable. These kids apply to have coaches help them reach their goals in 5 weeks. Alright idea in theory. Couple of faults: no solid goal can be reached and sustained in this amount of time, the coaches are horrible with no training or recognizability, and the goals are ridiculous. Teach me to rap in 5 weeks? Teach me to skateboard? Lose 50 pounds and get a girlfriend? Learn to Write good music? Become a Beauty Queen? Get Real.

yeah. stay real? keep it real? keep on rockin in the (free) world? be excellent to each other? go with the flow? go with what you know? uhh
i dont have a catch phrase. damn.
be excellent to each other
Current Music: Talking Heads- Crosseyed and Painless

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